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Little over 20 years had passed since the Great War that would end all wars, when Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. This 'simple' event of one country invading another would cause the world to go to war again. A war that would surpass the darkest nightmares of it's recent predecessor. The Second World War would actively involve 56 countries and cost 55 million lives. History had begun writing it's darkest page and would take 6 years to complete it, leaving an aftermath of destruction that defied all imagination up to that day.

After dividing Poland with the Germans, the Soviet Union attacks Finland. In 1940 Nazi Germany invades Denmark and Norway, then France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The German Blitzkrieg seems unstoppable. Italy declares war on Britain and France, while the Soviets start to occupy the Baltic states. France signs an armistice with Germany, leading to a schism between the French Vichy regime and de Gaulle's Free French. The Battle of Britain begins in July 1940. The Soviets take Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Italians occupy British Somaliland in East Africa and go on to invade Egypt. England and Germany exchange massive air raids. On September 27, 1941, Germany, Italy and Japan sign the Axis pact. Germany enters Romania. Italy invades Greece, only to be defeated. Hungary and Romania join the Axis Powers. In February 1941, the first units of 'Deutsches Afrika Korps' arrive in North Africa. Greece and Yugoslavia are defeated by Germany. In June 1941, Germany begins 'Operation Barbarossa' and attacks the Soviet Union, causing Stalin to start a scorched earth policy. On 7 december, Japan bombs Pearl Harbour, drawing the US into the war, which would end 4 years later at the dawn of the nuclear era...

This showcase aims to compile all the sources of 28mm miniatures as well as suitably scaled vehicles to recreate the conflict on the gaming table.


- WWII US miniatures showcase

- WWII British & Commonwealth Forces miniatures showcase

- WWII Soviet miniatures showcase

- WWII French miniatures showcase

- Other WWII Allied miniatures showcase (Poles, Chinese, ...)

2. AXIS:

- WWII German miniatures showcase

- WWII Italian miniatures showcase

- WWII Japanese miniatures showcase

- Other WWII Axis miniatures showcase (Finns, Romanians, ...)


- WWII civilians and partisans miniatures showcase (unarmed civilians, French resistance, Eastern Front partisans, Volksturm)

- Weird WWII miniatures showcase (WWII-based alternate history and horror)

- It's WWII... with a fantasy twist (WWII-themed fantasy miniatures)

4. WWII VEHICLES (1/64-1/48 scale):

- WWII Wargaming Models Showcase

- WWII Scale Models Showcase

- WWII Diecast Models Showcase

- WWII Accessories Showcase (decals, equipment, weapons, sandbags, crates, ...)


- Pulp Era miniatures showcase (more civilians and characters)

- WWI Miniatures showcase

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