Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

Vehicles: Accessories

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1. Veni Vidi Vici - 28mm

This British company produces a wide range of transfers (decals) to complement wargames figures and vehicle. They also have a small selection of 28mm transfers to decorate your WW2 vehicles.

2. B³ Custom Decals - 1/56 & 1/48

Brent Dietrich produces a large selection of 1/56th & 1/48th scale decals for WW2 vehicles. These are indispensable if you want your vehicles to look authentic. There are decals for US, UK, Russian, Italian and German vehicles.

3. Verlinden Productions - 1/48

Verlinden Production's resin "aircraft accessories" and "kits, diorama, base & accessories" ranges include plenty of useful bits for customising your vehicles. It's all in 1/48th scale.

4. Bolt Action Miniatures - 1/56

BAM sells loads of weapons, helmets and equipment bits for Germans, Americans, Brits and Russians, as well as stowage and resin scenery bits. Everything you need to customise your vehicles and it's all in 28mm.

5. Ebob Miniatures - 1/56

Ebob sculpts and sells a small range of 'true' 28mm miniatures for the Great Escape boardgame. As part of the range, he sells some 28mm white metal oil drums and crates.

6. Tamiya - 1/48

Tamiya is producing a growing range of 1/48 WW2 plastic kits. More detailed than the old Bandai kits, these make a worthy addition to the field. They also make accessories, including oil drums, sandbags and barricades and roadsigns.

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