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Vehicles: Wargaming Models

The models on this page are specifically intended for wargaming. This generally means that some of the finer historically accurate detail is sacrificed to allow for a more sturdy and easy to assemble model that can stand up to regular handling on the gaming table.

One thing that sets apart wargaming WW2 from most other historical periods is the large array of armour and vehicles that are available to chose from. However, the gamer who wants to include tanks, trucks or jeeps soon finds himself confronted with one question that has no easy answer. What scale should the vehicles be? Now, the obvious answer is that, since the miniatures are said to be in the "28mm scale", the vehicles should be 28mm as well. But we all know that 28mm isn't really a scale, but rather a measurement system. The fact alone that some measure it to the eyes, while others measure it to the top of head should make this clear. Add to this that in 28mm the proportions of the figure are distorted. While the average height might come down to 1/60th or 1/56th scale, the heads and bulk of the figure are in line with 1/48th scale and thus closer to 35-40mm.

So if working with an exact scale is not an option, what is one to do? The answer is quite simple. In the end, it is all in mind. Put a figure next to the vehicle and if it looks right, then it *is* right. So whether you prefer 1/60, 1/56, 1/50 or 1/48, the main rule is consistency. Stick to the same scale as much as possible or if you must mix scales, at least stick to one scale for each vehicle type. After all, unlike humans, one Willys jeep is exactly as big as the other.

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1. S&S models - 1/60

This British company offers a large selection of resin cast WW2 vehicles for use with 28mm miniatures. The models are resin and in the 1/60 scale. The range include a variety of vehicles and tanks for Allies (US & UK), Germans and Russians.

- Allied vehicles:

- German vehicles:

2. Army Group North Miniatures (AGN) - 1/56

AGN Miniatures, formerly known as NZWM, produces quality WWII resin vehicles in 1/56 scale. All their vehicles are individually hand cast from one-piece molds. This means they have no mold lines or seams of any kind and can be assembled and ready to paint in only a few minutes. The range includes German, Soviet, French, British and Italian vehicles.

- German:

- Russian:

- French:

- British:

- Italian:

3. Force of Arms - 1/56-1/60

Force of Arms produces a large range of vehicles and guns from the Second World War. The vehicles are cast from a plastic-like resin. Some parts, such as the gun barrels and hatches are metal. The range includes mainly German, Soviet and British vehicles and guns, some with 28mm crew. The models are 1/56 scale, unless stated otherwise (a few of them are 1/60).

4. Bolt Action Miniatures - 1/56

One of the latest new comers to the period and already sporting an impressive range, with monthly new releases. Besides their 28mm figures, BAM produces a growing vehicle range, made by Simon Bargery, Olaf Meys and Nigel Higgins. The vehicles are 1/56 and cast in resin, sometimes with metal accessories and crew. The range includes British, German, Polish and Soviet vehicles.

- German:

- Soviet :

5. Brigade Games - 1/50

Brigade Games has a range of resin and/or metal WW2 kits. Most of the models are 1/50 scale, with the occasional 1/56 model. Scale is indicated on the website. The range includes, British, German and US tanks and guns.

- German:

- US:

- British:

6. West Wind Productions - 1/60

West Wind Productions has quite a comprehensive range of 28mm figures and vehicles for WWII, called 'Berlin or Bust'. The range has German, American, British and Soviet vehicles, often with crew. The vehicles are 1/60th scale.

- German vehicles:

- Soviet vehicles:

- US vehicles:

7. Black Tree Designs - 1/48

One of the most comprehensive 28mm WWII ranges to date, the BTD figures range from brilliant to mediocre. The range includes a large selection of vehicles, mostly German, but also American, British and Russian. The BTD vehicles are all metal and have a reputation for being tough to put together. The scale is variable and on the large side (1/48 and bigger).

- German:

- American:

- Soviet:

8. Ebob Miniatures - 1/56

Ebob sculpts and sells a small range of 'true' 28mm miniatures for the Great Escape boardgame. As part of the range, hemade an excellent Opel Blitz. The model is a white metal kit in 1/56 scale.

9. Amazon Miniatures / Global Games Europe - 1/60-1/48

Amazon miniatures produces a small range of 28mm Stalingrad WWII, with some german guns and vehicles. They also seem to sell the Global Games Europe 28mm WWII range, which includes some 1/60 and 1/48 tanks. GGE was acquired by Amazon Miniatures in 2002, and sold back to the original owners in 2004. The GGE range remains available through Amazon Miniatures.

- Amazon models:

- GGE models:

10. Sloppy Jalopy - 1/48

Though not quite WWII, Sloppy Jalopy makes a range of 1/48th scale, white metal, trucks, cars and other vehicles suitable for collectors, modelers, wargamers and model railway / railroad settings between the first and second world wars. Each white metal vehicle comes unpainted in a kit form consisting of an average of 15-20 pieces. The current vehicles predate WWII, though can easily still be used in the period.

If you want to drool over some painted WWII wargame vehicles, these sites are definitely worth the trip:

Agis Neugebauer's WW2 pages, Troopofshewe's photos and Perry's Heroes:

Agis Troopofshewe

Perry's Heroes

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