Allies (Poles, Chinese, Australians)

Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

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last update: 12th of July 2008

1. Bolt Action Miniatures

One of the latest new comers to the period and already sporting an impressive range, with monthly new releases. 28mm figures sculpted by Paul Hicks, lately with help by Adam Dechande. Vehicles by Simon Bargery, Olaf Meys and Nigel Higgins. The range includes Poles, with infantry, cavalry and a TKS tankette.

- Polish infantry:

- Polish cavalry:

- Polish 1/56th vehicles:

2. Black Tree Designs

One of the most comprehensive 28mm WWII ranges to date, the BTD figures range from brilliant to mediocre. A small Polish range was recently added, consisting of riflemen in summer uniform and winter uniform (greatcoats) and a 75mm cannon.

- Summer dress:

- Winter dress:

- Guns:

3. Alpha miniatures

Alpha Miniatures produced a 28mm WWII range with some interesting models that aren't available elsewhere. Sadly, the range is now discontinued and the company is looking to sell the moulds. A small amount of stock is still available for order. For Poland, the range includes 1939 infantry with backpacks, cavalry and dismounted cavalry.

- Polish infantry:

- Polish cavalry:

4. Eureka Miniatures

Although never officially released, Eureka miniatures produced a pack of 28mm WWII Chinese riflemen. While these figures aren't currently available from the catalog, Nic Robson of Eureka miniatures is a very helpful person and it never hurts to drop him a line to find out whether there are any copies of the figures left. Picture sourced from

5. Blaze Away

Blaze Away Miniatures & Models is a part-time enterprise run by 4 blokes with a passion for wargaming. We manufacture 28mm figures that cover a range of periods, including WWII Australian Infantry in campaign dress.

6. Brigade Games

Brigade Games' PACWAR range has been expanded to include Australians, sculpted by Mike Broadbent. Figures both with slouch hats and with tin helmets. Native Infantry is available as well.

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