Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

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last update: 12th of July 2008

1. The Assault Group

Another UK-based manufacturer of fine 28mm historical figures. The WWII range started out with the Pacific theatre (though it has now moved on to include the Eastern Front). The Japanese figures are sculpted by Nick Collier. The range is the most comprehensive on the subject and includes officers and infantry, support weapons, foxholes, flamethrowers, casualties, anti-tank troops,...

- Infantry and anti-tank troops:

- Support weapons :

2. West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions has quite a comprehensive range of 28mm figures and vehicles for WWII, called 'Berlin or Bust'. The range has Japanese command infantry and support, communication sets, casualties, jungle fighters and snipers.

- Japanese command and infantry:

- Jungle fighters, snipers and support:

3. 1st Corps

The 1st Corps WWII range includes a few packs of Japanese infantry.

4. Brigade Games

Lon Weis at Brigade Games has a small, but good line of WW2 Japanese in the new Brigade Games "PACWAR: WW2" range. So far, there are command figures, riflemen and LMG's. Also a couple tanks in the 1/56th scale. The miniatures are sculpted by WW2 veteran (only sculpting-wise) Paul Hicks.

5. Blaze Away

Blaze Away Miniatures & Models is a part-time enterprise run by 4 blokes with a passion for wargaming. We manufacture 28mm figures that cover a range of periods, including WWII Australian and Japanese Infantry in campaign dress

6. Battle Honours

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is still one of the most comprehensive available to this day. The figures are 25mm and a bit on the small side by current standards. The range includes various infantry and support, a San Pan with crew and a mule train. Sadly, there are no pictures.

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