Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

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last update: 12th of July 2008

1. Artizan Designs

Mike Owen's own range of 28mm WWII figures includes US Infantry, US Airborne and US in greatcoats. These figures share the same weapons with the Crusader Miniatures range, so equipment is fully compatible. The figures are intended to be suitable for American forces in North Africa, Italy, Sicily, Normandy and North-Western Europe. They can also be used as glider troops.

- US Infantry:

- US Airborne:

- Greatcoats:

2. Crusader Miniatures

Mark Simms' range of 28mm WWII figures. These are generally a bit beefier than the Artizan Designs figures, but use the same equipment bits for maximum compatibility. The bigger artillery guns are sculpted by Jason McDermott. The range includes US infantry and support. Join the Crusader yahoo group to stay in the know about new releases.



3. Bolt Action Miniatures

One of the biggest WW2 ranges, with monthly new releases. 28mm figures sculpted by Paul Hicks, lately with help by Adam Dechande. Vehicles by Simon Bargery, Olaf Meys and Nigel Higgins. These guys are dressed in cold weather gear. Infantry and support so far, though knowing the BAM-team, vehicles and crews are probably in the pipeline. Join their yahoo group to stay in the know about new releases.

Latest addition to the range: Airborne.

4. Black Tree Designs

One of the most comprehensive 28mm WWII ranges to date, the BTD figures range from brilliant to mediocre. The range includes US infantry and support, US Airborne and support, US vehicles and guns. Most of the figures are sculpted by Nick Collier (I think).

- WWII personalities:

Patton Omar Bradley Eisenhower Mark Clark

- US Infantry and support:

- US Airborne and support:

- US vehicles and guns:

5. The Assault Group

Another UK-based manufacturer of fine 28mm historical figures. The WWII US range concentrates on the Pacific theatre and includes US Marines and support weapons. There's also an impressive diorama representing the famous raising of the "Stars and Stripes" on Mt. Suribachi by the U.S. Marines of Easy Company. The figures are sculpted by Nick Collier.

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