"Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?"

A World War I Miniatures Showcase

compiled by the White Knight


This miniatures showcase is dedicated to the first world war, or, as it was called then, "The Great War", as the people of the time believed it would be "The War To End All Wars". Sadly, history learned just how horribly wrong they were in their assumption.

Something had been brewing for a long time and the spark that ignited the explosive was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. His death at the hands of a Serbian nationalist secret society, set in motion a series of events where one thing lead to another. Due to an elaborate chain of treaties and alliances, one country after another was dragged into the conflict which eventually culminated in the world's first global war.

A new kind of war was born, that would see unprecedented massive slaughter and would involve every major nation in what was then considered the 'civilised' world. This war was not fought on the battlefield, but in the mud, in the cities and in the trenches. It also introduced a new, fearsome enemy: gas. In the end, it changed the face of the world.

"The air is loud with death, the dark air spurts with fire, the explosions ceaseless are. Timelessly now, some minutes past, these dead strode time with vigorous life, till the shrapnel called 'An end!' but not to all. In bleeding pangs some borne on stretchers dreamed of home, dear things, war-blotted from their hearts." - excerpt from "Dead Man's Dump", by Isaac Rosenberg.

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1. Renegade

Renegade's excellent WW1 range breaks down into two subranges. The "Early War" range covers 1914-1915 and has Brits, Germans, French and Austrians. One of the best WWI ranges currently out there.

British command German ommand
French command German Jägers

The "Late War" range covers 1916-1918 and so far includes Brits and Germans:

French command

2. Brigade Games

Brigade Games' historical range covers three theatres for WWI: "Great War in Africa", "Western Front" and "Gallipoli/Palestine". The figures are 28mm, of a high standard sculpted by Mike Owen.

"Great War in Africa" has Kings African Rifles Askari, Nigerian Brigade in Kilmarnock, British infantry in Wolseley, Sikh infantry, Belgian Askari, German Schutztruppe, German Askari, German sailors.


Sikh Belgian Askari


"Western front" has French infantry and trenchfighters, US marines and trenchfighters, German stormtroopers and trenchfighters, British highlanders, British infantry and trench raiders,... These should make a good complement to Renegade's figures. The range was awarded the Origins Award for Best Historical Miniatures Line by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design.

Up to your waist in water, up to your eyes in slush,
using the kind of language that makes the sergeant blush,
Who wouldn't join the army? That's what we all enquire.
Don't we pity the poor civilian sitting by the fire.

- excerpt from "Oh, it's a lovely war"

"Gallipoli/Palestine" has Australian infantry and mounted and dismounted light horse, Arabs and Turkish infantry.

3. Foundry

Foundry has an extensive WW1 range covering British, Australians, Germans, French, casualties, artillery and horse limbers. Sculpting is of a high standard, though the figures may be slightly smaller than Renegade and Brigade Games.

"We have just come out of the trenches after being in for six days and up to our waists in water. While we were in the trenches one of the Germans came over to our trench for a cigarette and then back again, and he was not fired at. We and the Germans started walking about in the open between the two trenches, repairing them, and there was no firing at all. I think they are all getting fed up with it."

- Private Stanley Terry of 15 North End, East Grinstead, in a letter to his family in November, 1915.

4. Ebor Miniatures

New company making a range of Belgian and French miniatures for August 1914, including Belgian cavalry and a French hotchkiss machine gun. Looking good.

British infantry

British infantry

5. Scarab Miniatures

Another growing company making a 28mm Great War range including Austro-Hungarians, British, French, Germans and Italians, as well as some support weapons, vehicles, special characters and vignettes.

British infantry

British infantry

British infantry

British infantry

6. Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company

This company makes 28mm Austro-Hungarians, British and Commonwealth infantry, Western Front French infantry, German stormtrooopers, Italian infantry and Western Front US infantry and marines. Also makes a Russian civil war range. Pictures taken from RLBPS Gallery.

British infantry

Italian infantry

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