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The Holy Empire of Men

The Holy Empire of Men, under the benevolent reign of the Emperor Willem Karl, is conceived as a High Fantasy Landsknecht Army. This being a fantasy army, the Emperor sent out his faithful servants far beyond the borders of his Empire in search of allies to enter in his service. Warriors from many races answered his call and happily flocked to his standard. In exchange for a fair amount of gold, that is. In time these took over many of the customs and fashion of the Empire, resulting in a massive force of a somewhat ecclectic nature, composed of proud humans, stout dwarves, fierce halflings (I swear!), massive ogres and even, unheard of before, mercenary orcs.

But this bright fašade of dashing men in tights is only half the picture. Underneath lies a second, grim Empire of fierce zealots, mercyless witch hunters and generally crazed ecclesiastics. In other words, crackpots. While there are a few companies making suitable models for use with this army, some of the more unconventional troops might not be as easy to get hold of. In my case, I found some models needed emphasizing their nature, while I also wanted to include some older miniatures which weren't always "dressed for the part". You can see some of the results below.

Imperial Horses: Conversion ideas for adding some variety to those standard horses

Imperial Halflings: Conversion ideas for dressing up your Halfling Mercenaries

Other sites dealing with Empire conversions:

La fièvre du Médiko: Excellent French site concerning Imperial and Orc & Goblin conversions. This guy doesn't use greenstuff but directly works on the plastic. the kneeling handgunners are ace! - Conversion Ideas for the Elector Count: Dave Talley explains how to use GW plastics to create a variety of Imperial troops.



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