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Converting Imperial Halflings

Like so many others, I had a number of the old GW halfling archers in Empire dress. Since there weren't all that many variants, I picked up a couple blisters of the old Harlequin (now Black Tree) halflings. While very similar to the GW halflings in style, I noticed two things. The first is that they're not wearing the Renaissance style clothing I needed. The second is their size and bulk. They're a bit smaller than the GW versions.

Luckily, taking care of the first problem largely solved the second. I decided to get out teh green stuff again and added the same details as I did with the dwarves. This had the convenient side effect of increasing their bulk. I also chose to switch their bases (the GW halflings got the Harlequin bases, the Harlequin halflings got the GW bases), because I noticed that the Harlequin/Black Tree slottabases are a fraction of a mm less high than the GW ones. This is not noticeable once flocked, but does contribute towards eliminating the remaining size difference.

The conversion process used on these minis is the one as described on the Imperial Dwarf page.

These two models were actually doubles. Well, they aren't anymore. The hat on the one to the right (that green thing on his head that doesn't look so good in the picture but isn't too bad in reality), was made in two parts. First a more or less square piece of green stuff with rounded corners was added to the head. Then, the corners were pushed inward with a sculpting tool (a cocktail stick or thin brushhandle will do). On top of this structure another (smaller) rounded square was added. A fine needle was then used to draw the diagonal crossing lines on the top of the hat. The result is a passable Renaissance style hat, which will get better after a couple tries.



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