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The Sculpting Links Page

If you'd like to try your hand at sculpting or need some advice on converting your figures, then you've come to the right place or as close as this place is going to get to it anyway.

Sculpting Pages

Sites offering tips and tutorials on sculpting and converting your models.

Lyon Studio
Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargame Miniature designs by Kevin Chenevert. Aside from galleries containing pictures of greens and concept sketches there is a section with excellent sculpting articles by Bobby Jackson, Bob Lippman, Phil Lewis,... Great stuff that humbles me (or should)! - WK
Tabletop Action Universe (TAU)
A nice site with some in depth articles and tips on sculpting and converting and an extensive gallery of greens and painted figures. - WK
The Assault Group
A few tips about dollies and armatures from the hand of my good friend Seth Nash, twentysomething cybergoth petrolhead uber-father and maker of "little green men". He's a wacko, but his skills are good. - WK
New Vision Studios
Aside from some painting tips, NVS offers a few conversion tutorials and a conversion forum to discuss projects, ask for more tips, etc... - WK
The House of Ebob
Good website of a master sculptor with a leaning towards characters of Middle Earth. His step by step tutorial on sculpting faces is fabulous! - WK
The Miniaturegallery
A German site (in English) with an extensive gallery, some painting tips and a section devoted to sculpting. - WK
The Miniatures Page
No need to introduce TMP, I'm sure. But did you know they've also got a handy reference corner with tips on sculpting, molding, casting, converting, painting, basing, etc...? - WK
Sylvain Quirion's site
Website of a talented French sculptor who has worked for such companies as GW, eM-4-Miniatures and Fenryll. Some good pictures of original greens and conversions, as well as a useful article on sculpting heads. - WK
Cento Industries
A site holding a good introduction to green stuff and covering the basics of working with it. - WK
Juha's Hobbies
Site dedicated to conversions for the SLA Industries RPG (a mixture of urban angst, decadence and horror with science fiction). I really like the carnivorous pig. - WK
Tony Aldrich Figures
Some basic but important tips from this sculptor on materials you'll need to get the most out of your greenstuff and a step by step article on a sculpt in progress. - WK
The "Mini-A-Week" project. In order to develop his skills, Joel Patton is painting or sculpting one mini a week from November 2003 - 2004. He's sculpted some unusual critters so far and explains his technique, but will he progress from wormy blobs to sculpting greatness? Only time (and this site) will tell. - Rob
Starship Modeler
A website devoted to building kits but hosting some incredible LOTR scratchbuilt Oliphants. - W.K.
Hirst Arts
Not only is this the home of the excellent Hirst Arts Castlemolds scenery, Bruce Hirst also offers Tips & Tricks on sculpting and shows us some handy shortcuts. - WK
Interesting site with lots of conversions of 40k miniatures, as well as some general sculpting tips in the workshop section. A lot of it can easily be applied to fantasy or historical miniatures too. - WK
French site with some tutorials on painting, sculpting and terrainbuilding. I stole this one from Sylvain's links section and I feel no shame. - WK
Satyr Sculpting Studio
Sculptor Drew Williams shares some of the fundaments of sculpting with the world and describes how some of his miniatures came into being. - WK
The Yahoo! group sculpting list where many people talk about model making and casting figures and miniatures. They also have a FAQ. - WK
Chris FitzPatrick
This excellent sculptor of GW and Crocodile (Aegyptus) fame shares some tricks at the 40k Konversions site. - WK
Putty Banners
A great tutorial for making your own banners and flags from green stuff. - WK

Casting Pages

Your first stop on the way to casting your own figures!

Alumilite Corporation
Casting Resin & Mold Making Material. This site details the process of moldmaking and casting. Now remember, there will be no duplicating of copyrighted material. ;°) - WK
Online business supplying liquid rubber to make your molds. Not necessarily aimed at the miniature collector, but they have a very thorough "how to" and offer a list of professional moldmakers. - WK
Hirst Arts
More useful information from Bruce Hirst as he explains the finer points of moldmaking to us. - WK
Drunken Dwarves
An illustrated tutorial to the secrets of green stuff casting, a shortcut for replicating small detail. - WK
The Mouldmaker Dot-Com New!
"TheMouldmaker.com” provides a service to any client wishing to produce or reproduce small or medium sized items in white metal or high quality English pewter by the means of spincasting into vulcanised silicon rubber moulds. - WK
Jeff Valent Studios New!
Not satisfied with 'merely' being a sculptor, Jeff Valent sells sculpting supplies and has a contract casting service. - WK


If we missed out your favourite sculpting link, or there's a website we should be featuring, why not let us know? E-mail the White Knight or post it up on the Miniatures Forum.

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