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Miniature Reviews

The name says it all. Here I will pass judgement on various types of miniatures in the broad 25-35mm scale. Special attention will go to new ranges or existing ranges with a small online presence. After all, by now everyone knows what a GW or Rackham miniature looks like, so there 's little point in concentrating our efforts on those.

Naturally, any manufacturers who wish to send me some free samples of their range, may do so and will thus assure themselves of an impartial review here. [Now who wants to go first? :) ]

Grognard Miniatures: A first hand review of an upcoming 28mm Napoleonic range.

Newbold World Miniatures: A tale of four generals. An indepth review of some major characters in this elusive fantasy range.

Bolt Action Miniatures: A review of this new range of WW2 miniatures, starting with some British/Canadian soldiers.

Maidenhead Miniatures: An independant review of their exciting new range of Feral Elves, more precisely, the light centyrs.

TAG Miniatures: A complete review of the first 12 packs in the new Gempei Wars range. (4 pages)

Maidenhead Miniatures: A review of the new Feral Elf Heavy Infantry figures.

Brigade Games Gaslight Miniatures: An introductory review of this excellent, but little known range of niche miniatures.

TAG Miniatures: A guest review of some "Dirtiest Afrika" miniatures by Rob W.

Moonlight Miniatures: A new company making 34mm scale miniatures, including skeletal pirates. Read the review here.

Maidenhead Miniatures: The Feral Elf Nobles reviewed.

Mindstalkers Miniatures: a review of the much debated 40mm figures.



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