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As is apparent from the Marbles Army Showcases, we like to mix 'n match miniatures from different manufacturers in one army, and if possible in the same unit. As we have learned, some of us the hard way, sizes tend to vary, even between ranges that are supposedly in the same scale. Normally a scale denotation will be attributed to a miniature by measuring the height of it "sole to eye". In reality, minis from 25mm up to 30mm are often passed off under the general 28mm "heroic scale" demeanor. It is our aim to compare the actual sizes of similar miniatures from different ranges within the following pages.

So far:

Norse (Viking) Miniature Sizes - Click here!

Horse Miniature Sizes - Click here!

Arab (Moorish) Miniature Sizes - Click here!

Orc Miniature Sizes - Click here!


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