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Index and Introduction

I am of course talking about converting and customising your miniatures to correspond to your personal requirements or even to combine different parts into a completely different model. The purpose of this atelier is to show you a few examples of converted models for different armies and races. I am not a professional sculptor or convertor and you may even feel that I'm not particularly good at this. But that's not the point of this atelier anyway. The intention is to supply you some ideas and to show you how I went about to realise them, with varying degrees of success, so that hopefully, you'll feel inspired to start on some projects of your own.

These pages are based on the concept that people with a lousy sense of direction often give the best directions themselves when asked to. Why? Because they take nothing for granted. I tried to follow the same rule while writing these articles, sometimes ad absurdum. I am sure the real sculptors out there would have a good laugh (or perhaps they would cry bitter tears for this desacration). For those of you who'd rather learn from the people who truly know what they're talking about, I've compiled a list of links to sculpting tips and tricks that you'll hopefully find useful. The rest of you can read on.

Just don't forget the prime guidelines: Imagination and Creativity. And more often than not, enthusiasm will make up where skill falls short. I wouldn't get anything done were it otherwise..

New! Sergeant fatgoblin's guest article on sculpting pompoms for a Chaos Cheerleader!

Work In Progress

Our current Work In Progress is a magic using wood elf queen for all you forrestdwelling, pointy-eared types. More...

The Holy Empire of Men under the benevolent rule of Willem Karl: Conversion ideas for a High Fantasy Landsknecht Army

The Human Empire of Kislev: Conversion ideas for a Eastern European Fantasy Army - Coming Eventually *

The Hidden Forrest Realm of the Woodkin Elves: Conversion ideas for a Fantasy Wood Elf Army - Coming Eventually *

* please note that all time is relative and could potentially take forever...



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