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Sculpting Pompoms for a Chaos Cheerleader

A sculpting article by Sgt. Fatgoblin

First get a suitably gorgeous miniature, the feral lady from Heresy is just the model, as an extra bonus, it comes with the hands detached and small hole at the stumps so less work. Drill holes then super glue a eye hole wire into the hand. The round headed plier is real good for this. This will help grip the pom pom in place, what could be more embarrassing than dropping your pom pom mid game?

What you'll need
The first blobs

Grab a blob and cover the wire and let the putty dry. Then sculpt streamers around the blob. I'm going to do the streamers in 3 layers so this is the first. Start by rolling the putty into a strip then wrap around the blob, make it smooth then use a sharp point and pull lines into the blob. I did both sides because I was impatient, ended up mashing part of the first one so it was a bad idea.

Sculpting streamers
The second layer

The second layer is done much the same way as the first. I tried to give it a bit of sway to have the gravity effect on it, ended up a bit on the messy side though.

First pom pom done (and there was much rejoicing)

First pom pom done! Add the final layer. The only tricky bit here is you need to tidy up the top because you don't have the next layer to cover it up like the previous two. Try to make the overall shape circular, though I didn't do a good job in that area.

Second pom gets another layer

Added another layer on the second pom.

First pom pom done (nad there was much rejoicing)

The last layer and both poms are done! Yay!



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