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Arab (Moorish) Miniature Sizes

Regular visitors of the frothforums will know that one of my projects involves a Fantasy Arabian army, constructed mostly from historical Moors, with the addition of some more exotic fantasy miniatures. On this page I'll compare the sizes of the main ranges.

The first four miniatures are male Arabian warriors from:
1. Artizan Design's Moors range.
2. Gripping Beast's Moors.
3. Black Tree's Harlequin Fantasy Saracens.
4. Excelsior's Chronopia range (fantasy).

The Artizan Designs miniature is the shortest of the bunch, standing a mere 26.5 mm from sole to eye, while the Gripping Beast and Black Tree minis are about the same size at 28mm sole to eye. The last one (Chronopia) is actually an Orc and is included just for reference, because of the obvious desert theme to these minis. Other notable differences between Artizan and Gripping Beast, are the larger hands and feet on the former. Artizan minis are generally more angular than Gripping Beast.

On to the mounted figures then. The models are from left to right:
1. Artizan Designs Moors, Andalusian cavalry.
2. Gripping Beast Moors, mounted Berber.
3. Games Workshop, Al Muktar's Desert Dogs (minus the separate sword arm).

Here we get the inverse from the foot models above. This time the Artizan models are bigger than the Gripping Beast ones, although that mostly translates into added bulk, rather than actual length. The Artizan model is actually about the same length as the GW model (if you ignore the big spike on top of the latter one's helmet).

As for their horses, Artizan and Gripping Beast horses are about the same size and mix well in the same unit. Naturally the GW plastic horses are much bigger and I would suggest replacing them if you can. Ideally, the horses from Crusader Miniatures would be the best for this as they are slightly, but not overly, larger than the others, but not as big as the GW ones. For more information on these and other horse sizes, go to the Horse Comparison page.

Now, female models are more rare and it is to be expected that historical Moorish ranges don't carry any female desert warriors. But a few fantasy ranges do. The ones shown here are:
1. RAFM female desert warrior.
2. DSA/Armalion

The RAFM model comes standing on a scenic base (well, a rock shaped base), but when we compare the sizes of actual minis, the DSA miniature is the tallest, at 27mm sole to eye as opposed to 26mm for the RAFM mini. Of course, this will not be noticeable once they're painted and based.




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