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Orc Miniature Sizes - page one

The recent release of frother Grom's excellent Orc showcase is a good opportunity to add a long overdue orc scale comparison to our site. And what better model to take on the role of our point of reference than FU!UK's very own orc, Dave (available through the FU!UK Shopping Channel).

Now, normally I would compare the scale by measuring the height sole to eye. In the case of orcs, there isn't that much point in doing that due to the great variety in orc anatomy. Some are pretty close to humans in build, while others are stooped, have heads growing out of their chests or gummybears up their ears (okay, so I made up that last one, but it's a valid point). Therefore, they will be measured sole to top of head (or a close approximation in case of overly large and silly hats/helmets).

For the first batch of fearsome orcs we have from left to right:
1. Dave (the FU!UK orc)
2. GW plastic orc (minus one arm)
3. Foundry Mercenary Great Orc
4. Excalibur Miniatures orc

Dave (1) and the Foundry great orc (3) are the tallest chaps and about the same size at 33-34mm total. It deserves notice that the actual size and bulk of the Foundry great orcs does tend to vary a little between the models, so some will be bigger (or at least bulkier) than the one shown here. GW's plastic orc and the guy from Excalibur are about the same size at a surprisingly small 28mm total. It is however only fair to mention that neither of them is standing fully erect, unlike their bigger kinsmen, so they might gain a mm or two if they should do so.

Since four orcs are not enough to warrant their own page, Dave returns for another session with:
1. Dave
2. GW 5th edition Black Orc
3. Fenryll resin orc (chariot driver)

4. Black Tree Design savage orc shaman

Again, Dave comes out as one of the bigger guys, his height matched only by the Fenryll orc (3) and the mohawk has a lot to do with that. The old GW Black Orc, this supposedly tallest of all orcs doesn't quite measure up at a mere 27-28mm, not counting the silly helmet. The real midget however is the BTD savage orc (4), at a staggering 25mm. That is top of head ladies and gentlemen. And then people say true 25mms are ancient history.

The last four orc figures of my personal supply are:
1. Dave (ain't he the popular guy?).
2. GW 5th edition regular orc.
3. Heartbreaker Miniatures orc.
4. Dragonrune orc.

It is obvious to anyone that Dave is once again the biggest lad in the picture. The GW and Heartbreaker orc are the same size (around 26mm), while the Dragonrune model reaches a new low with the quite surprising 23mm. Granted, his shoulders are at least another mm or two above his head, which probably makes him the champion of cartoony orcs everywhere around the globe.

Want to see more? Click here to go to page two of the Orc Scale Comparisons and discover the excellent submissions from fellow frothers.



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