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Horse Miniature Sizes - page 3

The following 4 horses are all from the same company: Newbold World miniatures. They represent 4 different horse breeds of the planet Kendo. They are, from left to right, the Gargant, the Gant, the Megant and the Jingara. The Gargant (1) is clearly the largest of the lot, dwarfing all the others with it's height and bulk. The size difference between the other three seems smaller, but there are still noticeable distinctions, with the Megant (3) being very sturdy and bulky and the Jingara (4) slender and elegant. The Gant (2) seems to hold the middle between those two, with more bulk than the Jingara, but not nearly as much as the Megant. For a review of these miniatures and their dimensions, go to our Newbold World Miniatures review.

Comparing these horses to themselves is very well, but how do they relate to other ranges? The image below displays two of the Newbold horses against a representative each of the fantasy and historical ranges. They are Games Workshop (1), the Newbold Gargant (2) , the Newbold Jingara (3) and an Artizan Designs historical horse. As shown in the image, the GW hegemony of largest mounts has been ended, with the Gargant (2) clearly towering over the plastic GW horse in every way. Even the Jingara (3), of a much more diminutive stature than the Gargant, stands its ground against the GW horse, being about the same height. The Newbold horses seem to have more realistic proportions as well. As for the historical horses, the Artizan Design horse (4) , a fine model in it's own right gets really dwarfed by its neighbours.

Voila, that was it. We'll have to conclude this review here, for lack of more miniatures to compare, but I hope you will find this document useful and don't forget to... froth on!

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