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Newbold World Miniatures Review

Newbold World is a fantasy setting being created to form the backdrop for a series of novels, short stories, games and a range of fantasy figures which is being produced by Newbold Enterprises. Newbold Enterprises is a UK mail order company, with it's own monthly internet maglet keeping us informed of everything that's new in Newbold World. The miniatures are designed to be a heroic 28mm, although allowing for size variations in between races (and even within a single species). But, I'm sure Mr. Newbold can explain it all so much better, so take a look at the maglet or even better, ask for a mail order catalogue.

Up for review are four mounted generals, kindly provided by Ian Newbold of Newbold Enterprises. From left to right: Sean McTaggart & Valentina McTaggart from the Kingdom of Dalgleish, Kafelnikov of the Umanga and Chung Lu of the Grak.

You can see them in the unpainted metal in the picture below (click to enlarge). Now the first global impressions upon opening the packs are of clean casts with no flash whatsoever and only very faint mouldlines. The used alloy has the look and feel of GW white metal and seems to hold detail well. As can be seen from the pictures, there are noticeable variations in size between the different races. As this is intentional and in accordance with the Newbold World background, it should not be an issue. What really surprised me was the size of the horses. Ian warned me that they don't do things by halves, and that's certainly true of these figures.

Now, let's take a look at the individual figures. As I was always taught to let ladies go first, we will begin this review with the Lady Valentina McTaggart of the Velvet Glove. Click on the images below for full size.

Lady Valentina is sculpted in a commanding pose. With her swordarm raised, and her upper body slightly leaning back, she looks like she is about to order her troops to charge the enemy. I can almost hear her cry out: "For God, King and Country!". Or something in the same vein. The sculpting is good, with her facial features giving the impression of a strong, resolved warrior and overall good proportions. Her femininity is subtly present without being overly exagerated. She is dressed in a fairly generic medieval garb, that make the miniature usable with a variety of settings, including GW Bretonnia. A scabbard for her sword is hanging from her side, a detail that is often ommitted in fantasy figures. There is no excessive detail, jewelry,... present, as suits a figure riding into combat and there is more than enough here to make an interesting mini as it is. As can be seen in the picture, this mini is around 30mm sole to eye.

Her mount is a Gant, the standard saddle horse used by her race and one of six disctinct breeds of horse in Newbold World. The horse has a nice build, with a good level of sculpting and some nice details. The reins are well defined and meet the rider's left hand all the way. The horse comes with a well formed saddle, horseblanket and a small bundle behind the saddle. The only reservation I can make about the sculpt is that perhaps the tail seems a bit too full, long and rigid for the horse, but I am no expert on the subject, and for all I know that could be one of the distinct features of this particular breed. All in all a very nice (and large) horse model that accepts the rider very well, without any gaps between legs and saddle. A more static position would have added more to the impact of the rider's pose, but they work well together as is.

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