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Horse Miniature Sizes - page 2

Let's take a look at the fantasy side of things. From left to right, we have our trusted GB horse, a plastic GW steed, a Ral Partha horse and finally a Clan Wars mount. You will immediately have noted the bigger size of the fantasy models. Mixing the historical and fantasy horses in one unit seems out of the question. The three fantasy mounts match up pretty well sizewise, the Ral Partha horse being from the more recent Fantasy Armies range. Older Ral Partha miniatures will be much smaller.

Since we've entered the realm of fantasy, I'l use the plastic GW horse as our point of reference from now on. This gives us a Chronopia warhorse (1), the GW plastic (2), a Crucible mount (3) and a Grenadier/Nemo Elven steed. I put the Chronopia horse in first position since it's clearly the biggest, bulkiest of the lot and that's not because of the barding. Bigger than even GW, this is a massive beast, better not used in the same unit as any of the above. The Crucible horse seems pretty much in the same league as the GW horse, except for it being much more elegant and less bulky, but what'd you espect, the other one is a plastic mini. The last one, the Grenadier/Nemo elven steed (from the Fantasy Warriors game), is small for a fantasy horse, more in the historical league and if you plan using it with GW elven steeds (see below), then you may have a problem.

Lastly, we have a GW plastic elven steed, a Black Tree Design fantasy horse, our GW plastic point of reference and a Gripping Beast camel (!). The cartoony elven steed is obvioulsy the biggest of the horses. The Black Tree horse (2) has a body about the size of the normal GW plastic horse (3), but a larger head, which kinda makes it look like it's going to fall head over feet any moment now. The camel is larger than the others, but still doesn't look all that big compared to the fantasy horses. Used in corrolation with the historical horses we saw earlier, it will look suitably impressive and is still large enough to carry a GW figure on his back without looking ridiculous.

Comparing horses from different manufacturers won't always be sufficient. Sometimes sizes can differ within one company's ranges. In these cases you will often find that the newer ranges have bigger horses than the older ones. The first picture to the right shows two horses from Gripping Beast, both still in production. While their heads are about the same size, the body of the second horse is clearly smaller than the first. Since I found these horses to be distributed among cavalry figures at random, I can't help you there.

Another manufacturer whose horses saw a drastic increase in size over the years is The Foundry. Here the difference is obvious, the horses don't look like they're supposed to be in the same scale. The first horse is of the current viking range, the latter is part of Foundry's older Old West range. Other ranges with smallish horses are the Cossacks and the Huns, while the Renaissance horses are closer to the bigger viking horses.

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