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TAG Gempei Wars Miniatures Review

The Assault Group, known for their modern miniatures, launched a new range of Samurai miniatures , but as opposed to those from most competitors, the TAG figures are designed for warfare from the Gempei period in feudal Japan. The range aims to give all the characters and followers for the Civil war in 12th and 13th century and will also be suitable for the Yuan Chinese (Mongol) invasions. This new project is the start of a range of miniatures that will cover Japanese, Chinese, Mongols, Koreans and Central Asian kingdoms in an age of dynamic change and lightning war. The initial release offers twelve packs (and two special offer figures), and includes Samurai (mounted and on foot), monks and followers. The figures are designed by in house sculptor Seth Nash.

Figure Size (click to enlarge)

Right, let's take a first look at the figures. They come packed in blisters of four, with an attractive black & white backing card displaying the TAG Gempei wars logo. Casting on the figures themselves looks good, with no missing details. There is a little flash on some of the weapons and a couple figures have some between the head and shoulder (most probably unavoidable due to the big helmets and pose of the figures in question). There's nothing here that can't be quickly removed.

The weapons on these figures are very thin (and more realistically proportioned than most). This looks great but has the unfortunate side-effect that they will bend easily. Still, this is a minor price to pay as the resulting figure only looks better for it. Just be careful when you're "unbending" the naginata's so that you don't break the shaft. All figures come with solid bases.

Sizewise, the TAG samurai figures come in at about 27-28mm , measured from the eyes to the soles of their feet. To the top of head they're about 30-31mm, but part of that is really the helmet. Click on the image to enlarge.

Prices are £4.95 for 4 foot models and £7.95 for 3 cavalry. As always, there are the TAG special offers which are 6 packs for £35 each and come with a free limited edition figure.

Now, for a more detailed review of the subjects of this initial release, I have decided to split up the page into 3 parts, which you can access from here:

Samurai on foot, with katana, with bow and with tachi.

Mounted samurai command, with bow and with katana.

Monks with naginata and with bow, followers with naginata and special offer figures.

Figures painted by Matt Parkes



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