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Orc Miniature Sizes - page 2

The following line-up was submitted by the Dutch frother known to the community as Area23. They are, from left to right:
1. Citadel LotR Orc
2. BlackTree LotR Orc
3. Heartbreaker Orc
4. Grenadier/Nemo Orc
5. Plastic Grenadier/Nemo/Em4 Orc

No milimeter indication unfortunately, but centimeters are clear.

The latest submission of the usual suspects comes from Singapore and is made by Sgt. fatgoblin. It reunites from left to right:
1. Heartbreaker orc.
2. Crusader Miniatures orc.
3. Foundry war orc (smaller than the previously shown great orc)
4. The one and only Dave.

That concludes our shameless plug for Dave... I mean useful contribution to the community. Don't forget to come back for future updates. And if you should have a picture of orc figures from other rnages than the ones listed above, don't hesitate to submit them to us.

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