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TAG Gempei Wars Miniatures Review - part 2

After the Samurai on foot, let's see how they fare on horseback.

Mounted Samurai Command

The mounted Samurai command group (GEM-009) includes a hero or leader with Katana and severed head, a standard bearer and a hornblower. The standard bearer is either balding or he shaved the front part of his hair as some Samurai were known to do (apparently it was better that way to wear the helmet). Once again the level of detail is beyond reproach and the poses are interesting. I like the fact that most of the mounted figures are sculpted holding the reins of the horse with their left hand. Many figures from other ranges seem to control their mounts with their knees alone. Like with the foot models, a small hole is present to attach the sheathed weapon / empty sheath. All three models fit on the horses snugly.

Mounted Samurai with bows

The mounted archer figures (GEM-004) are mounted versions of the Samurai with bows on foot. As such there's very little new to say about them. They're good poses and look fairly dynamic. There are no holes to attach a sheathed Katana to the sides. All figures are in yoroi with helmets. That's pretty much it I suppose.

Mounted Samurai with Katana

The other two packs of mounted figures are Samurai with Katana (GEM-003 & GEM-010). All of them are in yoroi and wear helmets. Unlike the archers, these aren't mounted versions of their unmounted counterparts, although the one drawing his sword uses the same torso and arms as the foot model in eboshi. Three of the models have small holes to add weaponsheaths, three don't. Interestingly, one of them seems to be lefthanded. I thought Samurai never used the left hand to hold the Katana (unless they were holding two of them of course). I would have preferred to see them equipped with Tachi rather than Katana, since the former was after all designed for use on horseback, but then at this scale who's going to notice?

The riders make only half the figure of course and no mounted Samurai is complete without a worthy horse.

Samurai Horses

There are three horse variants, with one of each pose in eachpack. At a first glance I thought they looked too thin, but now I realise that's because I was used to looking at the more robust horses from other manufacturers. I think the proportions are actualy very nice, especially on the first one. Again the sculptor went the extra mile to add some detail to the reins and other bits. In the picture this can best be seen on the third horse. Nice.

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