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Maidenhead Feral Elf Nobles Review - page 2

The second page of the review covers the staff holders, musicians and the scale measurement.


The two figures above are staff holders for the sorceresses. Note the submissive position, although their anatomy reveals them to belong to the upper caste of nobles. This appears to indicate magic users stand in high regard in the feral elf tribes. The first model is a one piece casting and adopts a pose where she almost seems to cling to the staff. Overall the pose is realistic and well executed and there are no notable flaws to the figure. Her companion is a bit more complex, and the way her arms are cast separately is just brilliant. The arms fit into their socket just perfectly (and stay there even without glue, although you'll of course have to glue them in place for security). When assembled you get a figure of a feral elf noble sitting on her knees and presenting the staff to be taken from her hands. Both figures are lovely examples of Mike's sculpting style.

Musician - Drummer
Musician - Hornblower

The last figures from this set are the musicians (3 of them). The first one, the drummer, comes with a few accessories. It took me a while to figure out what the large horned skull was for, but it is supposed to hold the drum in a vertical position (see the concept art here to see what I mean), which adds a whole new charm to the figure. Of course, if you really want to you can simply put the drum flat on the floor (base) in a classic position. the drum itself also comes in two pieces, the main body and the top, which makes it like a box with separate lid. The drummer herself had a bit more flash than most of the others, but that is easily removed.

The others are a hornist (and what a horn) and a bagpiper. Of course it is not altogether clear whether the latter is actually playing an instrument or merely sharing a passionate kiss with her favourite pet critter (also note the tail wrapped around her leg). There's a little bit of flash on the critter's back... pipes, but nothing serious. A disturbing vision, but a lovely figure. The hornist is a fine figure as well, only remark is her behind is perhaps sticking out a bit much, but that comes down to personal taste.


This brings us to the last question regarding these figures. How big are they? The Nobles are the elite among the Feral Elves, they have the best breeding and the highest status. They are also the tallest figures when standing upright, at about 30mm sole to eye. Or at least the Warmaidens, Champions and Sorceresses are. The musicians and standard bearers are noticeably smaller at about 28mm.

Conclusion: The figures are well up to the usual standard of Maidenhead's releases and each new release seems to be more creative than the last. Minor point is a slight variation in actual size of the figures. As the Nobles physically look like normal elves, it should be easier to integrate them into a regular wood elf force.

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