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About my work on Colonel Marbles' Army Showcases

The Army Showcase project is an inititiative of the illustrious Colonel Marbles and means to offer some exposure to the different miniature ranges that are out there so that gamers all around are not unwittingly restricted to one or two high profile manufacturers. There is one such company in particular that you won't see listed here, given that they are well known to even the newest of frothers and need no further introduction. You know who I mean...

When I first met the Colonel, he had just completed his first showcase: Colonel Marbles' Dwarf Army Showcase. I immediately proceeded to point out the ranges he missed. [The nerve!] Being the practical man that he is, I quickly found myself enlisted and for a while I offered some modest [lol, yeah right] assistance on his further showcases until the Colonel, having a fine nose for talent, proposed that I made a showcase myself, which resulted in the first Norse showcase (now replaced by a newer version). This was only the beginning of what was to become a long and pleasurable collaboration...

[Actually it was quite a lot of hard labour, as the Colonel runs a strict camp and there seems to be more work than ever since I made Captain. Especially now that the Colonel retired from active duty...]

Anyway, below you can see a list of the showcases that I've compiled since and can be found at Colonel Marbles' Miniature Masterworks, which has many more fine showcases from the Colonel's own hand or contributed by fellow frothers bAz, Doc & Rob. Well worth a long visit. Go see them now!

This is the most recent version of the Norse Army Showcase. New, bigger and improved, this second edition of the Norse Showcase comes with a companion showcase: the Norse Dwarf Showcase. Two showcases for the price of one! Grab'em now! As Bears and Norse go well together, you might also be interested in Colonel Marbles' Bears Showcase.

The Wood Elf Army Showcase was created with the able assistance of captain Doc, FU-UK! camp surgeon. It is excellently complemented by two works from the Colonel's own fair hand (he is a Wood Elf general himself after all), one for the Bears and one for the Eagles & Hawks, any of which might be seen to assist the noble Wood Elves in their struggle against deforestation and errant ramblers.

This is the Skeletal Army Showcase and like the name says, it regroups all skeletal creatures, or most of them anyway. As there are a lot of pictures, I split the page in 4 sections to reduce loading time.

This is the second part of the greater whole of the Undead Showcase and this time the focus is entirely on all undead things with an Egyptian theme. Needless to say there are a lot of mummies involved... The Tombs of the Pharoahs Showcase comes with its own companion Scenery Showcase. Some gorgeous Egyptian themed scenery to bring your battlefields to life.

The third installment in the series of Undead Showcases covers bloodsuckers. I am of course not referring to lawyers or tax administrators, but to the children of the night, known as vampires. Cover up your necks, people, as you enter the world of All Things Bloody.

All Things Rotten brings this tour of undead critters to the shambling hordes of brain-eating, decomposing and generally bad smelling zombies. Fresh from the grave, being undead doesn't get much uglier than this.

Arrrr! You saw that right, this showcase is wholly dedicated to pirates, corsairs, buccaneers and other swashbuckling types to sail the Carribean or other waters. Covering everything from human to orc and dwarf pirates, over undead sailors, this showcase is a must for any fan of classic adventure movies.



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