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Disney Atlantis toys for VSF vehicles

For those of you who play Victorian sf, Steampunk, Gaslight, Great Rail Wars or similar games, part of the fun comes from using those wacky inventions and steamdriven tanks. While we will all froth over the splendid models produced by the mini manufacturers, they are often expensive and not all of us will be able to justify their purchase (to ourselves or to the loved ones who have to live wiht our strange hobby). Maybe that's the reason why there is so much scratchbuilding and kitbashing with "VSF" gamers. Or maybe it's just because it's so much fun. Either way, not everyone will have the time, material or skills to invest in such an undertaking.

But goodlooking VSF models do not always have to be expensive or timeconsuming. They are sometimes to be found in the most logical places you would expect such a thing. Those places are called toy stores.

I know, it can be a big step for any miniature collector to take. Already we have to face the lack of understanding of outsiders, who see our precious gaming pieces, carefully selected and lovingly painted (well, we'll get around to it some day), as mere toys. Should we then prove them right by adding actual toys to our collection?

We should, for there is some great stuff out there. One such example is the Atlantis range, based on the Disney animation and produced by Mattel. Probably collecting dust in the discount bin by now.

It was around Christmas time, I was strolling through the racks in a local toy store, prospecting for interesting bits to use and generally minding my own business when a single ray of light magically appeared out of nowhere and illuminated a shrinkwrapped box. Well..okay, maybe there was no magical light, but the box was there anyway and can be seen in the picture to the right. It is called "The Bridge", but it is so much more. I have also found this referred to as "The Spanner"

This particular item contains snap together models that can be assembled either to form a weird mobile bridge truck or a splendid steamtank, goofy flamethrower and industrial looking bridge, with some unused bits to spare. The second option was the more appealing one for me. Oh yes, there are also two plastic figures of about 45mm high that you will have absolutely no use for.

The most interesting item in the set is undoubtedly the steamtank, well worth the few euros I paid for the box by itself. For an idea of the scale, click on the images below for full size. The figures are from the Foundry. It may not always be clear due to my limited skills in photography, but there are plenty of the oh-so-essential rivets on that model. The gun turret can be turned around 360°. The only thing you may (or may not) want to cover up are two small holes to the front (intended to attach other bits if you mount the tank as the bridge truck thingie). To indicate scale, two brave souls from the Foundry stables agreed to pose in the pictures. They will be rewarded with a lick of paint when I get around to it. (lol... yeah right)

I can see my home from up here...
Where did he go?

Having chosen the steam tank configuration, this leaves us with plenty of additional bits, including the bridge part. This is composed of 4 nicely textured panels which bend at the joints. The bridge rests on two fence like supports. This could very easily be turned into a full piece of scenery by adding a scenic base to it (preferrably with a river or something) and painting it. Alternatively, it could be used as a metallic wall/fence section (see the second image), although I must warn you that the other side does not have the texture. Click on the pictures for complete (and larger) images.

I'm pretty sure there was water here last time I came...
Find Waldo   ...and shoot him.

The last item is a mobile flamethrower. This unusual machine is a bit large (as can be seen in the pictures) and slightly goofy (but then, what VSF vehicles are not?). I may build a driver for it from GW plastic bits and green stuff, but there are so many interesting bits on it that may perhaps be used for kitbashing an entirely different model. The wheels are obviously useful and the flamethrower itself would make a nice combustion tank to attach to some new and more reasonably proportioned model. The last picture is of the complete set (minus the crappy figures) and includes the unused bits, which might find there way into a piece of scenery as rusted, half burried wreckage. Click on the images for full size.

How am I supposed to get up there without a ladder?
The whole deal... well almost.

Over the whole this is a very useful and unexpensive set (I paid a few euros for it), with a very good steamtank model and plenty of interesting bits and pieces to let your imagination run wild. The main downside is that, due to the flopping of the movie, these models are no longer in production. So check out toystore discount bins, garage sales and Ebay.

Other Atlantis models are the Aqua EVAC vehicle (a sort of smallish submarine), a "launcher" truck and plane (more early 20th century) and several crab and lobster like vehicles.

For more suggestions on using toys as bases for VSF vehicles, visit this informative site.



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