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The Monkey Army Project

I don't quite remember how it happened, but at some point I decided to start an army of monkeys. Now, the easiest and most direct approach would be to go with a ready made 100 Kingdoms Simian army. But although the models look really good, there were several reasons why this would not do. First of all, the whole "Roman Empire" theme didn't appeal to me. Secondly, even if it did, I wouldn't want my army to look like everyone else's monkey horde. Finally, I always figured an all monkey force should display a lighter tone, with plenty of opportunity for amusing conversions.

So I decided the core of my army would be based around Eureka miniatures' wonderful fezzed winged monkeys. The original, but limited range of models would encourage me to do lots of conversions, which would not only make the army look unique, it would also provide some new material for this section of the site. Everyone's a winner, with 'everyone' being me in this case. Splendid.

After examining the miniatures available from Eureka, and after looking at some other monkey models I had laying around, I decided to use the majority of the winged monkeys as regular monkeys. I would leave off the wings on all but one unit, the archers. After some more tossing around, I came up with the following armylist:

1 x monkey general with Napoleon-complex
1 unit of wingless monkeys with swords
1 unit of wingless monkeys with spears
1 unit of wingless monkeys with guns
1 unit of flying monkeys with bows (light air support)
1 unit of monkey skirmishers riding large baboons
2 x monkeys on flying carpet (heavy air support)
1 x banana gatling gun with monkey crew (scratchbuilt)
1 x old wise monkey on palanquin
2 x giant gorilla with monkey guide
1 x mother of all apes (commonly referred to as Big Mama)

All entries in this list will require some degree of conversion, especially since I want every model to look different.

General Napoleon Le Chimp

Monkeys with swords

Monkeys with spears

Boomstick Monkeys

Flying Monkeys with bows

Monkey skirmishers on baboons

Monkeys on flying carpets

Monkeys with banana gatling gun

The Old and Wise Monkey

King and Kong, giant gorilla's

Big Mama, mother of all apes



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