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Welcome stranger,

It's about time you arrived. Now, you may be wondering what this page is about? Well, you've probably guessed already that it involves miniatures. There are four main subjects for the moment.

The Conversion Atelier is all about sharing ideas for conversions and will try to show some step-by-step projects for those who are new at this part of the hobby. I've not been doing this for a very long time myself, so this will be a learning journey for the both of us. My own trials and tribulations will be complemented by a section dedicated to collecting all relevant links to other people's similar endeavours.

The other main subjects are illustrated Size Comparisons for miniatures that are supposedly in the same general scale, a Miniature Reviews section and a General Frothings section for those wandering frothings in dire need of a home. Of course, I will remain involved in the Marbles Army Showcase project.

That covers most of it, but it's probably better if you take a quick look around and judge for yourself.

- WK


Last update: August 15th

Mindstalkers Miniatures review added

Maidenhead Miniatures Feral Nobles review added

Moonlight Miniatures review added

Brigade Games Gaslight Miniatures review added

Rob's TAG Dirtiest Afrika Miniatures review added

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About Miniature Sizes
Within Scales

Wargaming miniatures are most often presented as being in the 25mm or 28mm scale. In reality however, actual figure sizes can differ between ranges that are allegedly in the same scale. An indepth size-comparison of the most popular ranges proves necessary...


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This section is dedicated to any and all subjects that (even remotely) pertain to the hobby, be it an inspiring book or movie, a new or old game, a new range of miniatures or anything else that can be worth working up a froth about...