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last update: 12th of July 2008

11. Brigade Games

Lon Weis at Brigade Games has a small, but interesting new range of 28mm WW2 miniatures and vehicles
from the Polar caps to the Desert to the Far East to ..."The Ends of the Earth". The figures are sculpted by the talented Richard Ansell to be compatible with most of the current WW2 lines. So far, there are:

- German mountain troops (Gebirgsjager):

- Deutches Afrika Korps:

- U-Boat/Ship crew. A 1/56th scale U-boat is available as well:

- Kubelwagen crew & passengers:


A relatively new enterprise by sculptor Mark Evans. Aside from some weird war figures, the range also offers some "normal" WW2 German infantry and Waffen SS figures:

13. Griffin Miniatures

Griffin Miniatures has a small range of WW2 SS in winter gear, including motorcycle and sidecar. The figures are sculpted by Dave Hughes.

14. 1st Corps

The 1st Corps WWII range includes wehrmacht infantry, Fallschirmjagers, waffen SS and a 'Steiner' set (Cross of Iron).

- Wehrmacht infantry:

- Fallschirmjager:

- Waffen SS:

15. The Assault Group

Another UK-based manufacturer of fine 28mm historical figures. The WWII range has mainly concentrated on the Pacific theatre but has now moved on to include late war German infantry. The first figures are sculpted by Richard Ansell and wear the late war 'british' inspired M1944 fieldblouse instead of the classic tunic.

16. Renegade Miniatures

Renegade recently released some WW2 German infantry, with fallschirmjägers announced to be forthcoming.

17. Warmacre Forge

Heroic 28mm scale miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with plastic bases. The German figures are guards and sentries, intended for the 'Hour of Glory' boardgame.

18. TQD Castings

This company's "1946: Storm of Eagles" alternate history range includes several packs of 28-30mm 1944-45 SS grenadiers that can easily find their way into 'real' WW2 German armies.

19. Alpha miniatures

Alpha Miniatures produced a 28mm WWII range with some interesting models that aren't available elsewhere. Sadly, the range is now discontinued and the company is looking to sell the moulds. A small amount of stock is still available for order. For Germany, the range includes Gebirgsjager, Handschar, Volksturm, Cavalry, a nebelwerfer, a field kitchen and casualty markers.

- Gebirgsjager:

- Cavalry:

- Fieldkitchen:

20. Amazon Miniatures / Global Games Europe

Amazon miniatures produces a small range of 28mm Stalingrad WWII, with some german guns and vehicles. They also seem to sell the Global Games Europe 28mm WWII range. GGE was acquired by Amazon Miniatures in 2002, and sold back to the original owners in 2004. The GGE range remains available through Amazon Miniatures.

21. Eureka Miniatures

Although never officially released, Eureka miniatures produced a 28mm WWII German flagbearer, standing at attention. While this figure isn't currently available, Nic Robson of Eureka miniatures is a very helpful person and it never hurts to drop him a line to find out whether there are any copies of the figure left. Picture sourced from

22. Neo-Forge / Easy Eight Enterprises

Easy eight produced a range of 28mm WWII miniatures for their "Battleground WW2" game. The figures are presumably sculpted by James Bland (now of Victory Force Miniatures). The miniatures are now being brought back by Neo-Forge. There are some good pictures of painted figures on Kevin Holland's website. On the German side there are riflemen, panzerjagers, snipers, nachtjagers, tankers, Command, Fallshirmjagers, ...

- Nachtjagers:

- Fallschirmjagers :

23. Tradition

Tradition of London offers a classic range of 30mm War Games figures. These are the 30mm figures from before 25mm came along, which means realistic proportions throughout. It's a bit hard to judge crispness of the details from the pictures, but they do look good. Infantry only.

If you want to drool over some painted WWII German miniatures, these sites are definitely worth the trip:

Agis Neugebauer's WW2 pages and TWfigurines:

Agis TWfigurines

Perry's Heroes and Funkyg's Miniatures:

Perry's Heroes Funkyg

redzed's Miniatures:


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