Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

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6. Battle Honours

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is still one of the most comprehensive available to this day. The figures are 25mm and a bit on the small side by current standards. The range includes a Hitler figure, Waffen SS, Wehrmacht infantry, Early German Infantry 1939-42, Fallschirmjagers, Afrika Korps, guns and vehicle crews.

- Infantry:

- Fallschirmjager:

- Afrika Korps:

7. Ebob Miniatures

Ebob sculpts and sells a small range of 'true' 28mm miniatures for the Great Escape boardgame. On the German side this includes sentries, MP's and ferrets.

8. West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions has quite a comprehensive range of 28mm figures and vehicles for WWII. First of all, there is the older 'Berlin or Bust' range. The range has the usual German wehrmacht figures, greatcoat infantry, guards and sentries, casualties, Fallschirmjagers, tankcrews on foot, volksturm, vehicle crews and 1/60th scale vehicles and guns. Note that while the foot models are a smallish 28mm, the vehicle crews are 25mm and do look small compared to an average 28mm figure by another company. Another point of attention is the shape of the German helmet which is more square-shaped and flat-topped than most other companies'. They have recently released new, bigger figures by a new sculptor. Including New Waffen SS, German Staff, German Fallshirmjager with command and Afrika Korps command, riflemen and HMG.

Aside from that, they also released a new range, based on a separate head system, allowing you to customise your figures. The heads are available separately for converting other figures as well. These figures are, like the newer Berlin or Bust packs, bigger than the old ones so they should fit better to the other 28mm ranges out there. Including Fallschirmjagers and heads with bare helmets, covers, netting, forage caps, sidecaps, fallschirmjagerhelmets.

- Older Berlin or Bust Guards and sentries:

- Older Berlin or Bust Fallschirmjager:

- Older Berlin or Bust Waffen SS:

- Older Berlin or Bust Vehicle crews:

- Older Berlin or Bust Vehicles and guns:

- Newer (larger) Berlin or Bust DAK:

- Newer (larger) Berlin or Bust Fallschirmjagers:

- Newer (larger) Berlin or Bust Waffen SS:

- New Separate Head system Fallschirmjager:

- New Separate Head system heads:

9. Victory Force Miniatures

Victory force makes (largish) 30mm WW2 figures with slotted bases and often with separate hands for customising. The figures are sculpted by John Bland. On the German front the range breaks down into Wehrmacht infantry, Fallschirmjagers and WaffenSS. The VFM range has a couple great poses that you don't see on other models.

- Infantry:

- Fallschirmjager:

- Waffen SS

10. Chiltern Miniatures

Chiltern miniatures are bigger, beefier figures than the other ranges listed here , which makes them not fit well with some of the smaller ranges. The Germans include army infantry (some in greatcoats), Afrika Korps (including a figure of Rommel) and some 'Cross of Iron' personalities.

- German army:

- Afrika Korps:

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