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6. Battle Honours

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is still one of the most comprehensive available to this day. The figures are 25mm and a bit on the small side by current standards. The range includes US infantry, US Airborne, US Marines, support weapons and vehicle crews.

US Airborne:

7. West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions has quite a comprehensive range of 28mm figures and vehicles for WWII, called 'Berlin or Bust'. The range has US infantry figures and support, US Airborne, casualties, US Marines and support, vehicle crews and 1/60th scale vehicles and guns. Note that while the foot models are a smallish 28mm, the vehicle crews are 25mm and do look small compared to an average 28mm figure by another company.

- US infantry:

- US Airborne:

- Vehicle crews:

- US Marines:

- Vehicles and guns:

8. Victory Force Miniatures

Victory Force Miniatures makes 28mm WW2 figures with slotted bases and often with separate hands for customising. The figures are sculpted by John Bland. For the Americans, the range includes infantry and support (including beach assault), and paratroopers. The VFM range has a couple great poses that you don't see on other models.

- Infantry:

- Airborne:

9. Brigade Games

Lon Weis at Brigade Games has a small, but good line of PacificTheatre marines in the new Brigade Games "PACWAR: WW2" range. So far, there are command figures, riflemen and BAR teams. The miniatures are sculpted by WW2 veteran (only sculpting-wise) Paul Hicks.

10. 1st Corps

The 1st Corps WWII range includes US Marines, with command, casualties and a dingy.

11. Warmacre Forge

Heroic 28mm scale miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with plastic bases. There are a couple American characters for the Allied forces. The figures are intended for the 'Hour of Glory' boardgame.

12. Neo-Forge / Easy Eight Enterprises

Easy eight produced a range of 28mm WWII miniatures for their "Battleground WW2" game. The figures are presumably sculpted by James Bland (now of Victory Force Miniatures). The miniatures are now being brought back by Neo-Forge. There are some good pictures of painted figures on Kevin Holland's website. On the American side there are riflemen, paratroopers, recon troops, dismounted tankers, anti tank teams, ...

13. Image Replicas

ImageReplicas is a studio subsidiary of imagestudios with a focus on detailed miniature production. They have a very small 28mm range and the first release is a Set of 4 Marines that can be built in a variety of configurations. Arms and some weapons are separate and can be matched to different bodies.

14. Regiment Games

Regiment Games has a very small range of character figures for WW2. The first pack in their Hey, that looks like... range of 28mm figures is this WWII Dismounted Allied Desert Recon Unit in Assorted Headgear, sculpted by Chris Ferree.

If you want to drool over some painted WWII US miniatures, these sites are definitely worth the trip:

Perry's Heroes and Tom Weiss' TW Figurines

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