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14. Dixon

Dixon has released a new 28mm "gangsters" range. The growing range includes hitmen & monsters, cops, casulaties, civilians and cars & passengers.

15. Sloppy Jalopy

Sloppy Jalopy makes a range of 1/48th scale, white metal, trucks, cars and other vehicles suitable for collectors, modelers, wargamers and model railway / railroad settings between the first and second world wars. They've recently released a pack of passengers for their vehicles that are very suitable for the pulp area. More are to come.

16. eM-4 Miniatures

The "Dunwich Detectives" range. Advertised as "A classic set of 1920's role-playing/skirmish wargames miniatures now available as top quality pre-painteds. 28mm, pewter miniatures bringing the most glamorous pre-war decade alive again", these are only available in a pre-painted version, but the paintjob loooks pretty decent and stripping is always an option for the headstrong.

17. Rattrap Productions

This company produces the "Pulp Heroes" series of games. Their first figure is the Gargoyle, a featured character in the pulp game ".45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era", a tabletop miniatures game of two-fisted action set during the era of the pulp magazines. Scale is 25mm and (allegedly) fits in nicely with other figure lines for the period. Also has waterfront characters and minions of the Jade Hood. More figures to come.

18. Lance & Laser

The "Bureau 13" line is basically a "men in black" modern range, but the mad scientist and toadies, bigfoots (or is that bigfeet? - Ed) and abominable snowmen are just right for the pulp era.

19. Monday Knight Productions

Makes a small 25mm "Banana Wars" range, which has some early 20th century US infantry and cavalry:

20. Homegrown Miniatures

Another range of 25mm 1910-1930 Banana War marines:

21. Moonlight Miniatures

Manufacturer of a largish 34mm range called "Islands of Blood". It is set in the late 1930's and early 1940's on an uncharted chain of islands near the Caribbean, and features adventurers, villains and monsters, including a skeletal Indiana Jones figure. Recently added a range of 28mm figures with the same theme.

22. Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company

This company has a 28mm "Russian Civil War" range. The range has Red and White cavalry, infantry and H.M.G. teams, inlcuding Cossacks, Hungarians, naval infantry,... Pictures taken from RLBPS Gallery.

Also, the "Geographical Society" range has deep sea divers, dinosaurs and cavemen (for those lost world adventures).

23. Scheltrum

This company also makes some suitable figures for the Pulp Era, though the range is mainly geared towards VSF. Some figures like the rocketmen and deep sea divers are useful for pulp games as well.

24. Anglian Miniatures

This company makes 28mm figures for the Spanish Civil War, which can make an interesting alternative setting for pulp games. The figures are sculpted by Paul Hicks and include both nationalists and revolutionaries.

25. Grenadier

Grenadier had a Call of Ctulhu range that holds lots of useful figures. The range has been discontinued for years, but rumour goes that Mirliton (also see Mirliton USA) has picked up the moulds along with the fantasy stuff and plansto re-release them.

26. Excalibur Miniatures

Not technically a Pulp Era range, but Excalibur's scifi range has various retro styled characters that can make excellent pulp villains. The tentacled farmer would work especially well in a Call of Cthulhu inspired pulp game.

27. Excelsior Entertainment

Again, not really a pulp range, but some of the "Warzone" figures, like the imperial trenchers and regulars have a fairly appropriate look for the period if you don't mind the look of the guns.

28. WW1, WW2 and WW2 Pulp ranges

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