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7. Westwind Productions

The "Gothic Horror range has some useful subranges, like the "Romanov Holiday", featuring Tsar Nicholai, his family and bodyguards (kudos to Back of Beyond Times for the picture).

Picture used with permission from Back of Beyond Times

"The Mummy" range has mummies (of course), gravediggers, evil cultists, archeologists, minions,...

More suitable figures can be found in the "Piranhamen of the Amazon" and "Yetis" (arctic explorers, yeti hunters and sherpas) subranges.


Many of them sculpted over 10 years ago by Bob Murch of Pulp Figures fame, the personalities from RAFM's Call of Cthulhu range are vermy much part of the Pulp Era genre. Some of the figures come in sets of three versions of the same character. You do have to be prepared to accept an insane version of the character. Personalities aside, there are plenty of evil cultists and henchmen, boys in blue, servants and townsfolk to populate your games. Good stuff.

Picture used with permission from Back of Beyond Times
Picture used with permission from Back of Beyond Times

9. Eureka Miniatures

Australian manufacturer of a really ecclectic range of 28mm figures. Since Eureka makes a bit of everything, it's no surprise some real pulp era gems can be found here, like the 1920's women.

Until recently, Eureka also made these excellent German rocketmen. They are now discontinued because of slow sales, but I'm sure if enough people drop Nic Robson a line, he could be made to reconsider or maybe cast you up a few on demand. They also appear to be available still from Fighting15s in the UK.

More suitable figures can be found in the Victorian and Pax Limpopo lines, the civilian lines (including Middle Eastern civilians), the Neandertals and don't forget the fezzed winged monkeys.

10. Steve Barber Models

These figures are slightly smaller than most other pulp ranges, being 25mm. 2 ranges are of interest for the Pulp Era,the first being "Prohibition Wars". This range has mobsters, coppers, civilians, a news stand with paper boy, lots of accessories like furniture, garbage cans, lamp posts, weapons and a few buildings.

The other useful range is the "Prehistoric Settlement" range, for those 'lost world' games:

11. Foundry

More intended for Victorian rather than pure Pulp era, lots of figures from Foundry's Dark Africa range travel over to a pulp setting without hassle. Tarzan, explorers and hunters, and of course lots of African tribes.

12. Artizan Designs

Artizan's new ThrillingTales range has a good selection of characterful pulp figuress to add to your pulp games.The figures are sculpted by Mike Owen to a high standard.

13. Reviresco Products

Reviresco makes a "Role Play" range of pulp themed figures, including Chinese warlords,Tong gang, US sailors, baseball players, a film crew, flappers and dandies, chauffeurs, gangsters, a British style police box, cars...

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