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last update: 12th of July 2008

1. West Wind Productions

West Wind's latest range is a line of WWII Mecha's and superweapons, entitled ''Secrets of the Third Reich''. The idea is take WWII a step further, and add in some SuperScience. The mechs (see the Amazing Weapons showcase) aren't for everyone's taste, but there are also packs of Weird War infantry (so far: German, British,US and Russian). The infantry make use of West Winds separate head system, so you can mix and match with the historical range. More figures on the way as we speak (type).


2. Darkson Designs

Darkson Designs produces "AE-WWII", a new range of finely detailed 28mm pulp WWII figures. The figures are multipart metal to allow as much diversity as possible and add-on packs are planned to expand the assembly possibilities. Currently making officers and NCO's, OSS agents, snipers and power armour. Robotic soldiers and Rockettroops coming soon.

3. Pinnacle aka Great White Games

If you're interested in alternative WW2, you've probably heard of Pinnacle's famous "Weird Wars" RPG setting, but did you know at one point Pinnacle had a whole range of 30mm figures to go with it? Some of those figures are now available from Jeff Valent Studios, including a US tanker, a downed pilot, a nurse, and a US chaplain.

4. Pulp Figures

Famous for his pre-WW2 pulp range (see the Pulp Era showcase), some of the figures can be interesting for Weird War II, like the US rocket troops.

5. Brigade Games

Brigade Games' "WW2 Pulp Horror" range doesn't have all that much for the American side. There are some pilot figures that may or may not be Americans and some new American Sky Raiders (that seem to have more in common with Flash Gordon than WWII)...

And of course there are always the Brigade Games "Adventurers" and "Ends of the Earth" ranges for more pulp and WW2 heroes and adventurers.

6. Artizan Designs

Artizan's new ThrillingTales range has a good selection of characterful WW2 types to add to your alternative WWII games. They could also serve as characters in regular WW2 of course. There are now three "Kelly's Heroes" figures. The figures are sculpted by Mike Owen to a high standard.

7. Rattrap Productions

From the company that makes the pulp game ".45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era", a tabletop miniatures game of two-fisted action set during the era of the pulp magazines. Amazing War Stories is the second supplement for the .45 Adventure game system. It will include many new archetypes and skills as well as more than 10 new scenarios. The figures are 25/28mm and will (allegedly) fit in with other manufacturer's figures in this scale. The first is Sgt. Steve Grant whose left hand was replaced by an experimental, metal prosthetic hand. Figure sculpted by Aaron Brown.

8. Bolt Action Miniatures

A "proper" WW2 manufacturer releasing the occasional Weird War II mini. Americans get "Sergeant Rok": The biggest, baddest US squad leader! Armed with a thompson in each hand, grenades everywhere and a manic grin. Sarge in CHARGE! Yessir. Join their yahoo group to stay in the know about new releases.

9. What The?! Miniatures

From Brian at Battleground Weird WWII, first there was the yahoo group, then the forum, now there's a new range of figures for use with any Weird WWII wargame. What The?! Miniatures is now dedicated to making high-quality, 30+mm wargaming miniatures. The product line focuses on historically accurate minis, prototype weapons/equipment, and weird WWII subjects.

Latest releases include these excellent Late War US Airborne zombies.

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