Stalin's Soviet Russia Madness

Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight


1. West Wind Productions

West Wind's latest range is a line of WWII Mecha's and superweapons, entitled ''Secrets of the Third Reich''. The idea is take WWII a step further, and add in some SuperScience. The mechs aren't for everyone's , but there are also packs of Weird War infantry (so far: German, British,US and Russian). The infantry make use of West Winds separate head system, so you can mix and match with the historical range.



2. Brigade Games

Brigade Games' "WW2 Pulp Horror" range has some alternative WW2 figures in the 28mm scale. There's a Mad dictator who looks suspicioulsly like Stalin, Russian "terminators" and Russian peasant ghouls...

And of course there are always the Brigade Games "Adventurers" and "Ends of the Earth" ranges for more pulp and WW2 heroes and adventurers.

3. Darkson Designs

Darkson Designs produces "AE-WWII", a new range of finely detailed 28mm pulp WWII figures. The figures are multipart metal to allow as much diversity as possible and add-on packs are planned to expand the assembly possibilities. The Russians have infantry and snipers and are scheduled to receive more attention in the coming months (including some apeman hybrids).

Russian Chuman preview:


A relatively new enterprise by sculptor Mark Evans. Aside from some "normal" WW2 figures, the range also caters to the weird side of things, with, on the Russian side, some excellent Soviet ape hybrids.

5. Artizan Designs

Artizan's new ThrillingTales range has a good selection of characterful WW2 types to add to your alternative WWII games. They could also serve as characters in regular WW2 of course. On the Russian side there are Koschei's Cossacks. Perhaps a bit more pulp than WW2, but they can add some character. The figures are sculpted by Mike Owen to a high standard.

6. AT-43 (Rackham)

Rackham's new scifi-game AT-43 has a wide range of prepainted plastic miniatures. While the infantry figures are a bit too sf, the Red Blok faction (Russians) offers some really nice walkers with a blocky, retro feel that would work. Especially the Spetsnatz Kollossus with twin flamethrowers (or the Strielitz version with a flamethrower and a gun) can easily be imagined as a zombie clean-up unit. See the Amazing Weapons showcase for more pictures.

7. Northstar Project X

One of the first ranges of alternative WWII horror, Northstar's "Project X" miniatures are 1/48 scale or about 36mm. The humans are too big to use with regular 28mm, though they should work well with other 1/48 WW2 figures out there. Some (less human looking) models are more scale-neutral, unfortunately the Russian faction only has zombies at the moment (which are too big for 28mm).

8. Graven Images

Possibly the biggest range of WWII horror miniatures to date is to be found in Jim Bowen's "Gotterdammerung" line of 40mm figures. With a few scale-neutral exceptions, these won't fit with any of the 25-30mm ranges out there, but the range has now become large enough to stand on it's own for skirmish games and it's still growing. The range includes Russian zombies, heroes, infantry, werebears, etc...

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