Miniatures Showcase compiled by the White Knight

With a few exceptions, most of the miniatures shown here depict Russians in Late War dress.

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7. Battle Honours

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is still one of the most comprehensive available to this day. The figures are 25mm and a bit on the small side by current standards. The range includes both early and late war infantry, command and support, N.K.V.D., snowsuits and gun crews.

- Early war russians:

8. Chiltern Miniatures

Chiltern miniatures are bigger, beefier figures than the other ranges listed here, which makes that they don't fit well with some of the smaller ranges. The faces are a bit cartoony as well. The Russians include command figures, infantry in padded coats or greatcoats and scouts in camo.

- Command and scouts:

- Soviet infantry:

9. Griffin Miniatures

Griffin Miniatures has a small range of 28mm (Late) WW2 Russians. The figures are sculpted by Dave Hughes.

10. 1st Corps

The 1st Corps WWII range includes soviet infantry and support weapons, casualties and tank crews.

- Soviet infantry:

- Support weapons:

- Tank crews:

11. Baker Company

This UK-based company makes a small range of early war Russians, including command figures and infantry in greatcoats. The figures are sculpted by Barry Carter.

12. Amazon Miniatures / Global Games Europe

Amazon miniatures produces a small range of 28mm Stalingrad WWII, with a'Stalingrad character set' inspired by the 'Enemy at the gates' movie and some russian guns and vehicles. Amazon also seems to sell Global Games Europe 28mm WWII. GGE was acquired by Amazon Miniatures in 2002, and sold back to the original owners in 2004. The GGE figures remain available through Amazon though.

- Stalingrad characters:

- Guns and vehicles (1/60th - 1/48thscale):

- Global Games Europe Russians:

13. TQD Castings

This company's "1946: Storm of Eagles" alternate history range includes two packs of 28-30mm 1944-45 summer Red Army riflemen that can easily find their way into 'real' WW2 Soviet armies.

14. Warmacre Forge

Heroic 28mm scale miniatures cast in white metal and supplied with plastic bases. There are two WWII Russian figures representing the character 'Nikolai' for the 'Hour of Glory' boardgame.

15. Neo-Forge / Easy Eight Enterprises

Easy eight produced a range of 28mm WWII miniatures for their "Battleground WW2" game. The figures are presumably sculpted by James Bland (now of Victory Force Miniatures). The miniatures are now being brought back by Neo-Forge. There are some good pictures of painted figures on Kevin Holland's website. On the Russian side there are riflemen, command, shock squad, ATR teams, snipers, ...

- Russian Command :

- Support weapons:

- Shock Squad:

- Snipers:

If you want to drool over some painted WWII Russian miniatures, Perry's Heroes is definitely worth the trip:

Perry's Heroes

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