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6. Black Tree Designs

One of the most comprehensive 28mm WWII ranges to date, the BTD figures range from brilliant to mediocre. The range includes Characters, infantry and support, tank crew, snipers, casualties, stretcher bearers, British airmen, paratroopers and support, commandos, a few vehicles and guns (including a canoe).

- Characters:

- Infantry & support:

- British flyers:

- Paratroopers & support:

- British Commandos:

- British vehicles and guns:

7. Battle Honours

One of the first manufacturers of 25mm WWII miniatures, their range is possibly the most exhaustive one for British and Commonwealth Forces to date. The figures are 25mm and a bit on the small side by current standards. The range includes British infantry and support, paratroopers, regular commandos and D-Day landing commandos, guncrews, Chindits (or Anzacs), Australians, Sikhs, Punjabis and Ghurkas. Sadly, the site is seriously lacking in pictures.

- Paratroopers:

8. West Wind Productions

West Wind Productions has quite a comprehensive range of 28mm figures and vehicles for WWII. First of all, there is the older 'Berlin or Bust' range. The range has British infantry and support, a communications set, casualties, paratroopers and commandos and 1/60th scale vehicles and guns. Note that the figures are a smallish 28mm. They have recently released new, bigger figures by a new sculptor. Including Indian Army (8thArmy), paratroopers, commandos and command figures (including Churchill).

Aside from that, they also released a new range, based on a separate head system, allowing you to customise your figures. The heads are available separately for converting other figures as well. These figures are, like the newer Berlin or Bust packs, bigger than the old ones so they should fit better to the other 28mm ranges out there. Including Paratroopers, commandos, Riflemen, Highlanders, Indian Army Brits, ...

- Old range Berlin or Bust British infantry and support:

- Old range Berlin or Bust Commandos, Paratroopers and support:

- Old range Berlin or Bust 1/60th scale vehicles and guns:

- New range Berlin or Bust Command, Paratroopers & Commandos:

- New range Berlin or Bust Indian Army Brits (8th Army):

- New range Separate Head system:

9. Black Scorpion Miniatures

A small, but ecclectic range of figures, including one excellent 28mm Churchill figure making the victory sign.

10. Brigade Games

Lon Weis at Brigade Games has a small, but interesting new range of 28mm WW2 miniatures and vehicles. Relatively new are the LRDG/SAS Desert Crew & Lewis Gunner. Also available is a set of alternateheads for headswaps!

- LRDG/SAS Desert Crew & Lewis Gunner:

- Alternative heads:

11. Chiltern Miniatures

Chiltern miniatures are bigger, beefier figures than the other ranges listed here , which makes them not fit well with some of the smaller ranges. The British range includes Western Front infantry and Sikhs infantry as well as 8th Army (North-Africa) Brits and Australians and Desert Rat Sikhs.

- Western Front British:

- Sikh infantry:

- 8th Army Brits and Australians:

- Desert Rat Sikhs:

12. 1st Corps

The 1st Corps WWII range includes British infantry and paratroopers, as well as casualties for both. They also released some British sailors recently.

- British infantry:

- Paratroopers:

- Sailors:


Tradition of London offers a classic range of 30mm War Games figures. These are the 30mm figures from before 25mm came along, which means realistic proportions throughout. It's a bit hard to judge crispness of the details from the pictures, but they do look good. A small range with infantry and small support weapons only.

14. Alpha miniatures

Alpha Miniatures produced a 28mm WWII range with some interesting models that aren't available elsewhere. Sadly, the range is now discontinued and the company is looking to sell the moulds. A small amount of stock is still available for order. The range includes British soldiers with greatcoats and backpacks.

If you want to drool over some painted WWII British miniatures, TWfigurines and Perry's Heroes are definitely worth the trip:

TWfigurines Perry's Heroes

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