A miniaturised account of Hitler's Occult Wars

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7. Pinnacle aka Great White Games

If you're interested in alternative WW2, you've probably heard of Pinnacle's famous "Weird Wars" RPG setting, but did you know at one point Pinnacle had a whole range of 30mm figures to go with it? Some of those figures are now available from Jeff Valent Studios, including a US tanker, a downed pilot, resistance fighters, a nurse, a US chaplain and some Germans.

8. Artizan Designs

Artizan's new ThrillingTales range has a good selection of characterful WW2 types to add to your alternative WWII games. They could also serve as characters in regular WW2 of course. There are now three "Kelly's Heroes" figures. The figures are sculpted by Mike Owen to a high standard.

9. Wessex

Working on a new Alternative WWII game due out in 2005, called "Geheimkrieg". The first preview figures are Germans, sculpted by Shane Hoyle.

10. TQD Castings

The "1946 Storm of Eagles" range continues WWII into 1946: "the German nation led by a fanatical group of senior neo-Prussian generals prolong the battle. The race for technological supremacy grips the warring nations. All sides bombard each other's troops with nerve gas and missile attacks. The skies are filled with the screech of jet engine military aircraft, WWII continues in to the nuclear age!". The figures are advertised as 30mm or 1/50 scale (what's in a name? - ed.).

A "1946 Epoch of the Dead" range is also on the drawing table and will focus on adding a horror element to the setting.

11. Castaway Arts

Hidden in the "Accessories" range, Castaway Arts has 5 28mm Germans carrying the Ark of the Covenant, no doubt inspired by a popular movie that shall remain unnamed. The figures and Ark are sold separately.

12. Amazon Miniatures

Amazon's Domin-X range is made up of WW2 themed pulp style female miniatures with some dominiatrix influences mixed in, no doubt inspired by the infamous "Ilsa, she-wolves of the SS" nazi-sploitation movie (which I have never seen, honestly). Not all of them are done in equally good taste, but there are some useful figures in there for those of us not into nazi-bondage.

13. Rattrap Productions

From the company that makes the pulp game ".45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era", a tabletop miniatures game of two-fisted action set during the era of the pulp magazines. Amazing War Stories is the second supplement for the .45 Adventure game system. It will include many new archetypes and skills as well as more than 10 new scenarios. The figures are 25/28mm and will (allegedly) fit in with other manufacturer's figures in this scale. Both figures were sculpted by Aaron Brown. The first is Sgt. Steve Grant whose left hand was replaced by an experimental, metal prosthetic hand. The second figure is Field Marshall Dietrich Kluge, who heads up the SS Special Projects Division. The left side of Kluge's face suffered extensive scarring when a project he was overseeing exploded on the Eastern Front. He wears a partial mask to hide the damage.

14. What The?! Miniatures

From Brian at Battleground WWII, first there was the yahoo group, then the forum, now there's a new range of figures for use with any 28mm Weird War 2 wargame. The first two miniatures are going to be of the German Fliegerfaust shoulder-fired AA rocket launcher. A real-life weapon designed at the end of the war to engage low level allied fighter-bombers with a volley of 20mm rockets. The figures are sculpted by Aaron Brown (Black Crab Studios) and will hopefully be available in time for Christmas (2007).

15. Victory Force Miniatures

Another "proper" WW2 manufacturer expands into the Weird, with a N.E.W. War range. First release are these SS Night Hunters, using vampir rifle technlogy. Just remember, VFM are BIG 28mm figures.

16. Northstar Project X

One of the first ranges of alternative WWII horror, Northstar's "Project X" miniatures are 1/48 scale or about 36mm. The humans are too big to use with regular 28mm, though they should work well with other 1/48 WW2 figures out there. Some (less human looking) models are more scale-neutral.

"During the Nazi’s rise to power in the 1930’s, Hitler pours a lot of money and resources into the development of ‘Wonder weapons’, Jet Aircraft, Super-Tanks and Rockets. They also set up a group under the code name ‘Projekt X’ to develop ‘The Ultimate Warrior’. When war breaks out in 1939, Projekt X are ordered to prepare their work and be ready to get involved in Hitler’s plan for World Conquest. At first there is no urgency as the war goes well for Hitler, but following the disaster of the Invasion of Russia and the winter of 1942, Projekt X are ordered to bring the Wonder Weapons into service."

17. Moonlight Miniatures

Moonlight Miniatures 34mm "Islands of Blood" range is set in the late 1930's and early 1940's on an uncharted chain of islands near the Caribbean. The Bone Troopers measure 29mm sole to eye and represent the new skeletal visage and shock force of Freikorps Bavaria. Of course, they look very much like skeletal Germans...

18. Tannhäuser

Tannhäuser is a boardgame set in an alternative history where WW1 still hasn't ended 35 years down the line. This unusual take on the subject also means the Germans aren't nazis for ones, but they're still as evil and intent on enslaving the world through whatever dark powers they can enlist. The figures are now available in sets of unpainted resin.

19. Graven Images

Possibly the biggest range of WWII horror miniatures to date is to be found in Jim Bowen's "Gotterdammerung" line of 40mm figures. With a few scale-neutral exceptions, these won't fit with any of the 25-30mm ranges out there, but the range has now become large enough to stand on it's own for skirmish games and it's still growing. There are over 40 variant zombie miniatures including officers, Germans, Russians, Americans, British, HitlerJugend, and civilians. The range includes SS vampires,German and allied troops, vampirehunters, werewolves, etc...

In the "Disturbia" range, the Sandmen and Rampagers have an alternative WWII look and are fairly scale-neutral.

"The most common type of Sandman is the basic soldat they look like men from a distance but up close their faces are twisted beyond the human, mouths contorted into a permanent snarl eyes sunk deep within their sockets. They are of similar build to humans, certainly no stronger. Their style of combat favours ranged weapons perhaps revealing a dislike of close combat. As for their dress all wear tall boots with dark grey trousers tucked into the top, over this they wear a black or very dark brown leather jacket. A pair of Ammunition pouches hangs from their belts. This familiar uniform is finished off with a German style steel helmet in black." - Jim Bowen

20. Hasbro: Heroscape

More pre-painted plastic, but at least the Heroscape miniatures aren't randomly packaged, so you know what you buy. The "Rise of the Valkyrie" release has some US airborne figures that might find their way in a Weird War scenario. An upcoming Superhero expansion will have such classics as Captain America and the Red Skull.

21. Wizkids: Heroclix

The prepainted, randomly packaged Heroclix range, of which singles can be bought cheaply off ebay by those of us with no interest in the actual game has some characters from wartime and WW2 related comics, like various versions of Captain America, Submariner, the Red Skull, etc..., but also from the Indy comics, like Major Maxim, Hellboy, Rasputin, Lobster Johnson, etc...

22. Fourcolorfigs: Superfigs

The "Superfigs" range includes a nice Golem figure (a bit reminiscent of Hellboy's Roger without the weird genitalia) and a nazi superhero (no, really) called "Krieghunde".

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