Some (not so) random figures from my collection

(apologies for the bad picture quality - WK)


Since there don't seem to be any pictures of them on the web, it might be useful to put up these West Wind WW2 Zombies (even if you can't make out all the fine detail and I smothered them in paint to boot)...

So here goes: West Wind German Tug and German Zombies:

Comparison shot with East Riding Miniatures zombies (left to right: ERM, WW, ERM, WW):

Comparison shot with Brigade Games zombies (left to right: BG, WW, BG, WW):

The Horde:


Some other stuff (while I had the camera out)

The West Wind Thug, with some Amazon Miniatures female company...


Brigade Games ladies:

Some miscellaneous characters and conversions (left to right: Brigade Games conversion, Amazon Miniatures, Artizan+GW conversion, West Wind conversion):

More assorted conversions (left to right: Crusader conversion, Crusader conversion, ERM+WW conversion, Crusader conversion):

Soldiers carrying Lost Ark (conversion of the Castaway Arts model using Bolt Action Miniatures equipment bits):